You are currently viewing AISATunggalian 2023: AISAT’s First-Ever Upcoming  Student-Centered Intramurals

August 15, 2023

by Jon Lorence Panelo

Since AISAT conducted its yearly intramurals, AISATunggalian 2023 will be the first to have it student-centered. This year, instead of team advisers, class representatives will lead the four participating team colors: Blue Warthogs, Green Osprey, Orange Apache, and Red Nighthawks. Class representatives include the class mayors, secretaries, and treasurers, in charge of each team and the point of contact between team members and the Supreme Student Council.

AISATunggalian 2023 will be held from November 7 to 10, 2023. This year, the minor events are parlor games, scrabble, word factory, chess, essay writing, short story writing, and best in attendance. Further, the intermediate events include badminton, table tennis, darts, bowling, sepak takraw, dance competitions, photo contests, extemporaneous speaking, poster making, banner making, and e-games. Lastly, the major events are basketball men, volleyball, mass dance competition, team chant, Mr. and Ms. AISAT, filmmaking, and team mascot. All teams must keep in mind and be guided by the guidelines and rule book sent to the emails of all students.

As stated in the intramural procedures, instructions and guidelines are to be disseminated through the representatives, and any questions or clarifications by the members shall be directed to them. Class representatives are also in charge of gathering their team members and organizing team meetings. Specifically, class treasurers will be responsible for the team fund, wherein treasurers shall make a budget proposal of how they will allocate the team fund. Also, treasurers shall assign who will receive the allocated fund for a particular game as they are responsible for the liquidation. All transactions must be supported by an official receipt, as expenses without any receipts will be considered void.

Moreover, class secretaries will be responsible for reports and audits. They are the second point person for the rule book and guidelines and are responsible for submitting the final list of participants. Secretaries shall also ensure all team players are cleared from the school clinic before submitting the final list of participants and shall record all expenses and purchases made by the team, wherein all transactions should be audited accurately. Lastly, class mayors will be the overall lead representatives for all team members who relay all information to all team sections. Class mayors are the main person in charge of the rule book, guidelines, other information, and team auditions and tryouts.

In addition, when asked about his words of excitement and what he is looking forward to this coming intramurals, SSC President Gino Paulo Albutra stated that this year’s edition of AISATunggalian focuses more on how students strategize and play the game. He added that the SSC is delighted as they introduced to AISAT a “student-centric” version of the intramurals wherein everyone will work hand-in-hand, or as one, to see if they can conquer the top spot. As of now, preparations and practices are ongoing in anticipation of the AISATunggalian 2023. Will the Orange Apache finally win the title? Or will the Green Osprey become the champion again after four long years? Is it finally the time for the Red Nighthawks to win after being last year’s first runner-up? Or will the Blue Warthogs defend the crown once more? Fellow AISAT students, let the games begin!