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October 15, 2021

by Jon Lorence Panelo

As we proceed to the second part of our teacher’s month special, we will once again feature some of AISAT’s industry practitioners-instructors through a virtual question-and-answer interview during their most convenient time. Stephens (2015) mentioned that teachers with industry expertise are admired in classrooms as they bring real-life experiences and expectations to help students enter industries where competency, proficiency, and accuracy are crucial. This time, we specifically asked some of AISAT’s female industry practitioners-instructors from the aviation management department.

First, we asked Ma’am Katherine Joy Tuling-Benedicto, who has been practicing human resources in the export industry for the past 11 years and is a part-time AvM instructor. Upon asking for permission, Ma’am Tuling-Benedicto delightedly accepted the request and immediately asked for the question. Afterward, asking the same question where we left off, on her experiences as both an industry practitioner and instructor at the same time, Ma’am Tuling-Benedicto replied with a quote stating, “To teach is to learn twice over.” This was the thought that came into Ma’am Tuling-Benedicto when she was offered the job as a part-time instructor. Being in the industry for quite a while taught Ma’am Tuling-Benedicto a lot, primarily through experiences and interactions with different types of people coming from unique backgrounds. Ma’am Tuling-Benedicto also mentioned that:

“Such experiences helped me to share important insights to my students which they can look back to when they will be employed in the future. I believe that learning is a continuous process thus, teaching while working in the industry is not just a job, but also an opportunity for me to learn. Leading people in the industry is almost the same as handling students as it requires commitment, compassion, and consideration. Being an instructor and an industry practitioner amidst the pandemic is a blessing for me. It delights me that I could share relevant knowledge about human resource in particular, to the future work force of the aviation industry.”

Furthermore, we also asked the same question to Ma’am Angeli Sumaoy-Tamisin, Purser or Lead Cabin Crew International for Cebu Pacific Air based in Manila since 2008, and part-time AvM instructor. Once again, we initially asked for permission before asking the question, and Ma’am Sumaoy-Tamisin immediately replied that she would love to be featured in the article. She even added that what makes it great is that other students, specifically the current first-year AvM students, will be excited to have her as their instructor next semester. This is also not the first time Ma’am Angeli Sumaoy-Tamisin was featured in an article. She was also the guest speaker during AISAT’s webinar on How to Become a Flight Attendant way back on February 11, 2021.

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As someone who conducts personality development and image classes both offline pre-pandemic and online amidst the pandemic, Ma’am Sumaoy-Tamisin was already an experienced lecturer before accepting the job as one of AISAT’s part-time instructors. She also trained in the United States of America for personality development which she highlighted to her first batch of AISAT students, the pioneering students of the aviation management program. She emphasized personality development, as a pleasing personality is one of the most important aspects of becoming a flight attendant. Flying for the past 13 years and as she continues to do so amidst the pandemic, Ma’am Sumaoy-Tamisin was able to bring with her the pioneering batch of aviation management students during one of her flights via a synchronous Google Meet session. Also, asking the same question on her experiences as both an industry practitioner and instructor at the same time, Ma’am Sumaoy-Tamisin stated that:

   “My experiences as an industry practitioner and instructor at the same time take finesse and planning. My time management was challenged, but with the passion and commitment that the industry practitioners and I have, nothing is impossible. It can be challenging yet an opportunity to share knowledge and fulfill the dreams of all aspiring aviators.”


Moreover, Ma’am Sumaoy-Tamisin even added that “it can be challenging yet an opportunity to share knowledge and fulfill the dreams of all aspiring aviators.” As she turned some negative words into positive ones during one of her seminars in becoming a flight attendant, she mentioned that “FAIL” stands for “First Attempt In Learning” and that “NO” stands for “Next Opportunity.”

For the past two articles, we have featured four of AISAT’s industry practitioners-instructors that are very much willing and able to impart their expertise to their students amidst their jobs. We would like to thank Ma’am Katherine Joy Tuling-Benedicto and Ma’am Angeli Sumaoy-Tamisin for sharing their knowledge and experiences as our featured industry practitioners-instructors for part 2 of our world teacher’s month special.

Indeed, with this year’s theme for World Teachers’ Day, “Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery,” AISAT recognizes not only its administration, faculty, and staff but also its part-time industry practitioners-instructors.