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January 15, 2022

by Marriane Solante

The Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology aims to give students the best and top quality education as it heavily depends on their future. Being able to learn from experienced professionals who are able to give practical examples as a way for the students to gain knowledge in the best way possible. This school year, AISAT hired new instructors to do just that and we asked to interview these people.


What experiences did you have that would help your students?


Ms. Chyrra Ruth Atis, the teacher in AvM responsible for teaching a new subject – Elective 1: Foreign Language 1: Japanese, has been teaching the language since 2019 after working in Japan for a year.


Talking to a lot of Japanese people and exploring the town or major cities like Tokyo – Japanese people are very kind and approachable, they will help you how to properly pronounce words or what to say in a certain situation.” she replied.


Being able to learn about Japanese culture from someone who has been to Japan is a great learning experience, although reading and watching videos about the country is great too but hearing it directly from someone who’s lived there is entirely different.


Atty. Wildy Pahayahay is a professor of Business Law while also currently working as an associate of ACCRA Law. ACCRA Law is known for taxation, corporation and litigation. Being an associate, you will be able to encounter different cases.


My experience as an associate makes it easier for me to give practical illustrations and other applications based on what I have personally encountered for students to have a better understanding of the subject.”  Atty. Wildy said.


As for Mr. Ashley Villos, who has had experiences in teaching programming-related subjects for over 3 years, is currently teaching game development subjects. He had experience in game development, however, he was working on the backend which covers the database, functionality and server. His subject covers more on the frontend development of games, such as designs and character movement and he was excited to be able to teach in this side of programming.  “If I base it on my experience as a student before, I believe students can become good programmers as long as they have a good grasp of the basics. Knowing those techniques can help them understand difficult concepts later on.” he answered.


Capt. Clint Anthony Tolentino has been teaching since 2015 in Cebu Pacific, became a first officer in 2019 and later taught in a flying school. He answered that the mistakes he made before are always shared in his class. To be able to share any misstep on your part is also a great lesson for students – they may not be able to avoid it but they would know what to do afterwards. “They would somehow be enlightened of what to expect and what are the needed skills, attitude to mold themselves into,” he added.



Bonus question: What advice would you give to your students during this pandemic?


Atty. Wildy and Capt. Clint were the lucky professors who were randomly picked to be asked this question.


“My advice would be to study with passion. Don’t rush things and just enjoy and trust the process. As the saying goes, “No gem can ever be polished without friction.” During this pandemic, it is important to spend time with your family, be happy and be grateful. Offer it all up!” – Atty. Wildy Pahayahay


“All I can advice to my students is always take care of their health. Because if you can make yourself healthy these trying times, it is the wealth that you can have to fulfill your dreams, passion, jobs and etc in the near future. It will be your asset. Preparing yourself now for the future is important. Being more productive even staying at home will carve the way how your future will be.”  – Capt. Clint Anthony Tolentino


Welcome to AISAT, new teachers!