By: Samantha Inoc and Justin John Dulogin

Many families wish to send their children to a school where they can experience growth in achieving their tertiary decisions. To aid the parents specially the learners in coming up with their decisions,  Ferndale International School in Zamboanga had a “Lakbay-Aral” last February 22, 2019 at Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology and visited the AFES Hangar as part of their educational tour last February 26, 2019. With the collaboration of AISAT’s Student’s Supreme Council (SCC), everyone worked hand in hand with the instructors to manage the flow of the tour as the visitors were divided into three groups– First group was assigned in the aviation working laboratories; second was in the hotel and restaurant services area and facilities; and the  third toured in the digital arts rooms. Futhermore, they were accompanied by their School Director Mrs. Patricia Alvarez and the School President Anicia A. Alvarez, PhD. It was a two-day visit from the main building up to the hangar.

Most of the students who participated in the tour raised their hands when asked about their interest to take aviation related courses for college which showed their keen enthusiasm and purpose why they chose to have a tour at AISAT for their preparation.  Furthermore, the students were overwhelmed with the sight of  Cessna covering the entire area. Of course, taking a lot of beautiful pictures inside and outside the aircrafts is a must!  Headed by Capt. Dikit and Capt. Argin,they had a chance to learn about  parts of an airplane and how it works. Also, Capt. Dahan showcased to the students how a run-up works where the students gain basic knowledge through veritable observation and personal experience. 

“When weighing advices and pertaining judgement call, it was helpful to talk to the parents inside the school to discuss considerations for the education of their students  to correct misperceptions about schools that they are not personally familiar with and to address specific concerns specially insights about safety considering our area,” informed Mrs. Patricia Alvarez.

Indeed, it was a frutful partnership covered with so much learning and exploration! 

Looking forward to see you all again, future AISAT Aviators!