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August 15, 2020

by: Jon Lorence Panelo

There is no stopping AISAT from serving the community even during the pandemic. On August 7, 2020, a joint effort between AISAT Supreme Student Council, BS-AMT 3 student, Ms. Sophia Mae Bautista, and her family and friends pushed through a community outreach initiative entitled “Bond Paper Mo Para sa Modyul Ko” at Ubo Public Elementary School, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. Ms. Sophia Mae Bautista of BS-AMT 3 herself witnessed the need of the school for the necessary materials in order to commence their start of modular learning. She then reached out to the AISAT Supreme Student Council headed by the Head of Student Affairs, Mr. Dwight Dave Quino, guided by the School Administrator, Mr. Matty Joey Torres, and with the full support of our School President, Atty. Myra Ann Wee-Toe Hio, she was able to garner a sufficient amount for her community outreach. Specifically, bond papers, printer inks, school supplies, and even snacks were all distributed at the said elementary school. Ms. Sophia Mae Bautista also opened her doors to external sponsors in coordination with the AISAT Supreme Student Council, and up until this date, the financial support still keeps coming. The continuous overwhelming support will be efficiently utilized for the constant supply of printer inks and other school materials needed by the said school.

Ms. Sophia Bautista poses with the students of Ubo Elementary School.

Moreover, AISAT’s efforts to continue its community extension activities despite the pandemic does not stop here as the AISAT NSTP Office, headed by Mr. Jose Lorenzo Inosa, NSTP Coordinator, also distributed bond papers for Sta. Ana National High School, F. Bangoy National High School, New Albay Elementary School, Communal National High School, and Dalagdag National High School. Amidst this pandemic, the AISAT NSTP Office is also committed to being of service to the community. Mr. Jose Lorenzo Inosa, the NSTP Coordinator, has sent a message as I quote, “Being able to give to public schools was fulfilling as most teachers need help. It is indeed a little way to help those teachers who even spend their own money for their modules. It was also an excellent way to extend help, especially for the students in public schools.”

Mr. Jose Lorenzo Iñosa with the recipients of the donations.

Being the NSTP Coordinator, he also added, saying, “In my NSTP class I am preparing students for community extensions that they can do at our adopted barangays by giving the theories, attitudes, values, and leadership skills which are the main contents for this semester. If ever, we cannot go back to normal next semester, I have given the students the option to lead community extensions within their areas. This is the safest and most convenient way to conduct community extensions. I hope the community extensions that they will be doing will be very sustainable, not just a one-time activity, but there (should be) a long-term effect. I hope next semester some of those CWTS graduates last year will be interested to join the cause and help other students conduct their community extensions.”

The AISAT Community Extension Office headed by Gerlieta S. Ruiz, Ph.D., our Community Extension Director, also plans to execute even more community outreach initiatives for the rest of the first semester this Academic Year 2020-2021. She said that: “AISAT will stand and make good its commitment as inspired with the guiding principles. AISAT will: 

       Act on whatever it can do to help the people,

 get Involved with related community projects, 

      Serve with commitment and sincerity by

      Assisting them to be self-reliant and capacitated members, thereby 

      Transforming their lives to become better persons in order to attain an improved quality of life.”

Let us keep serving our respective communities, fellow aviators! This pandemic will not stop us from reaching out to those in need!

If you want to help and serve, you may email