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November 15, 2023

by Althea Nicole N. Leoncito

November weathered its share of memories of the grandest celebration at the Asian International School of Aeronautics (AISAT): the AISATunggalian 2023. The intramural, a symbol of academic freedom and excellence, is honored annually to showcase the holistic development of every AISAT student. A three-day event, but in its brevity, a treasured land of friendship, talents, and dreams taking flight.

On day one, a spark ignited a flame as hearts converged in the Homitori Gymnasium. Banners were revealed, the mascot proudly strode, and connections were forged in the light of laughter, setting the stage for the coming days. Day two began with work and play hand-in-hand. As dreams soared, all fear retreated, and teams burned with determination as they aimed for the championship. The final chapter unfolded, with the most coveted title match for all games and the long-awaited crowning event for Mr. and Ms. AISAT 2023 inscribed in the annals of AISAT history.

Within the last pages, candidates represented the dreams and aspirations of the entire student body, inspiring a path for others to follow and telling stories of struggles faced and the strength found in embraced moments.

“Bearing the crown means bearing the responsibility… to be the voice of AISAT students and epitomes of good AISAT students.”

Mellisse Geisha Jamora, the reigning Ms. AISAT 2023, a student of BS in Aircraft Maintenance Technology, was known for her friendly and outgoing nature. Mellisse was not only a beacon of inspiration but also a lover of cinema, music, and literature. She found joy and inspiration in keeping up with makeup and fashion trends, as they served as her confidence boosters. Her journey to AISAT was marked by shared struggles of indecision, but a chance encounter with a female pilot stirred an intense yearning that led her to choose AISAT as her learning ground.

Among the crowned royalty was Patrick A. Awing, also a 20-year-old student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology. He was known for his passion for aviation and diverse interests, including music, podcasts, outdoor activities, fitness, and reading. Beneath his laid-back demeanor lay a surprising meticulousness, driving him to pursue excellence in all endeavors. Patrick’s journey into aviation was sparked by a childhood fascination, leading him to choose AISAT for its robust aviation program and modern facilities.

“We hope to create a more supportive, inclusive, and environmentally conscious community at AISAT.”

Newly crowned AISAT Royalties Patrick A. Awing and Melisse Geisha Jamora

As Mr. and Ms. AISAT, Patrick and his counterpart are united by a shared passion for advocacy and a commitment to making a difference on campus. They championed causes such as mental health awareness, diversity and inclusion, and environmental sustainability. Through their platform, they planned to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and advocate for resources and support services for mental health issues on campus. Additionally, they aimed to foster an inclusive environment by organizing events that celebrated diversity and promoted cultural understanding. Furthermore, they were committed to promoting environmental sustainability through initiatives such as clean-up drives, recycling programs, and educational campaigns. By advocating for these causes and engaging the student body, they hoped to create a more supportive, inclusive, and environmentally conscious community at AISAT.