By: Samantha Inoc

Bravery is not for everyone. Courage  is a prerequisite for someone who desires to lead an integration of gallant hearts. Introducing such valor and audacity to the AISAT community, the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) organization was established in 2012 and  Aerospace Cadets of the Philippines (ACP) followed after in 2016. The ACP-ROTC organization is a collaborative effort that was made possible  with its partnership with the Philippine Air Force. Moreover, ACP is exclusively for the Senior High School Students in preparation for ROTC.This has been implemented to inculcate to students that one cannot be well educated without discipline. 

The organization is currently  composed of the following  personnel: 

SSG Anmisor N. Mejos PAF, 


CDT/2LT. Arnelene B. Amoroso,3CL, CDT/2LT. Joevani Morgan M. Tapongot, 3CL CDT/2LT. Remiel Von T. Vito, 3CL CDT/2LT. C/LT.COL. Jorim Gienuel Gabona ACP C/MAJ. Kenjay Senining
SGT Sarah Catano PAF Res

(Graduate Military Assistant)

Merly Grace Q. Amoguis 3CL, CDT/2LT. Justine  Jay M. Aquino, 3CL CDT/2LT.  Shiena Mae A. Rodulfo, 3CL CDT/2LT.  C/LT.COL. Gerbey James Naragas ACP C/MAJ. Christian Rosario
SGT Jaxeem Angelo Llanto PAF Res(Graduate Military Assistant) Allan Clyde C. Dalogdog, 3CL,CDT/2LT. Karen G. Ordonio, 3CL CDT/2LT.  Renz A. Rodulfo, 3CL CDT/2LT. C/LT.COL. Shelu Puracan,  C/CAPT. Spencer Brillo
SGT Elayza Babas PAF Res 

(Graduate Military Assistant)

Ariel Ken AM R. Quinto,3CL,CDT/2LT. Kirby Riz V. Sumampong, 3CL CDT/2LT.   Ronald JR C. Valdez, 3CL CDT/2LT. C/LT.COL. Samantha Ashra Inoc C/CAPT.Leonard Palma
C/LT.COL. Mike Ken Canoy 1CL (AISAT-ROTC Group Commander), Christian Gregory S.  Lozada, 3CL CDT/2LT. Wenlix Jay M. PROVIDO 3CL, CDT/2LT. Rusher Errand  K. Cabasagan, 3CL CDT/2LT.  C/MAJ Oliver Caminade ACP C/2LT. Johainy T. Lamalan ACP 
C/MAJ. Haniel Tao 2CL (Personnel/Adjutant S1) Ciedrick Q. Marasigan, 3CL CDT/2LT. Mark Joveth A. Siaboc, 3CL CDT/2LT. Walter B. Cachuela 3CL  C/1Lt. Carl Michael Portillo ACP C/2LT. Pink Hazzel Dean ACP.
C/MAJ. Melvin Gungob 2CL. (Intelligence S2)  Febrae Dwayne E. Lim, 3CL CDT/2LT. Prince RV D.C. Casimina, 3CL CDT/2LT.  C/1Lt. Jeffrey Napal C/MAJ. Kenjay Senining
C/MAJ. Naprex Gimban 2CL. (Operation S3) Ignacia Jane P. Sayman, 3CL CDT/2LT. Edhmar B. Attos, 3CL CDT/2LT. C/MAJ. Louis Dionisio
C/MAJ. Rolando Estenzo JR. 2CL (Logistics and 

Supply S4)

Jee Harold P. Badua, 3CL CDT/2LT. Joevani Morgan M. Tapongot, 3CL CDT/2LT. C/LT.COL. Jorim Gienuel Gabona ACP

When it comes to actions, ROTC-ACP officers have been involved to activities that befitted  not for the school but also for the community. They have done charitable acts such as Joint Mangrove Planting and Feeding Program for they believe that everyone has a shared responsibility to address change in the society.  On the other hand, the officers underwent DVFB Inc. Training and COQC Training to develop their leadership skills that would be implied being the honcho of their squads. 

  These organizations develop the youth to acquire the quality of good citizenship that serves as an aid for our country. It’s fascinating to witness that young adults of today are interested in learning basic military forms for them to develop sense of control, respect,and integrity. Not only that, it also helps the students practice camaraderie towards their fellow mates that could test their compatibility despite differences among one another.

You are indeed good examples worthy of emulation. Carry on officers!