You are currently viewing AISAT, rolls out in-person On-the-Job Training after Two years halt

April 15, 2022

by James Leonard Bautista

AMIDST the suspension of On-the-Job Training deployment to the different aviation partners of AISAT, the institution was able to stimulate a fresher, more improved state of trainings as the deployment season for OJT commences. Now, two years after the lockdown was imposed across the Philippines, there is a gradual but steady influx of trainees eager to continue the pursuit of their aviation dreams. As one of the most active training providers in Mindanao, both before the pandemic and in the present, AISAT hopes to contribute to the recovery of the industry. In keeping with its mission statement, the institution endeavors to be the alma mater of professionals that will strengthen the aviation and tourism sectors for the foreseeable future as improved industry-partnered training swells.

279 On-the-Job Trainees are expected to complete the entire course with duration of 420-hours before the year ends with 56 students deployed on the different industries both in local aviation hubs and outside of Davao City. As for the 220 trainees, the said course is to be given by its sister flying company located in Davao City, the Adventure Flight Education and Sports.

With AISAT’s sprouting partnerships with more Aviation Maintenance Organizations (Mactan Aviation Technology Center Inc., Secdea Aviation Flight School, International Aircraft Solution Maintenance Corp., St. Alexius Flying School), regaining the partnerships with aviation maintenance organization giants – A-PLUS, SIA Engineering, and Lufthansa Technik Philippines are expected once normal operations and institution-to-industry transactions recover.

Regardless, AISAT maintained its commitment to safety and quality in the execution of its training programs. The forced downtime was used to prepare the institution for the New Normal in aviation and to properly adjust its digital training offerings as trainers were able to deliver the said training from the last School Year via series of online sessions.

Asked if how did they feel after finishing the entire OJT Course in an actual setting, Louise Sanchez, an incoming 4th year Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology student shared how the return of the actual training setup became a game changer on refining his skills,

I feel accomplished after finishing the entire OJT Course in an actual setting for I have gained new knowledge and skills that I can use after I graduate.”


Andrei Louise Madjus, also an incoming 4th year the first to take the leap on taking the course as early as January 2022 also Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology student gave his take after finishing the said training last April 2022,

After finishing my entire OJT course here at Mactan Aviation at Sasa, I felt happy, challenged and motivated at the same time since it’s been a year since we stayed in our home and do our classes through online. It was also the best moments that I have experienced since we have tackled many maintenance procedures which include magneto timing and disassembly, aircraft run-up and so much more. I also thanked all of the employees that worked there for their effort and dedication to teach us OJTs in all of the proper procedures needed for the proper operations of aircraft.

In terms of the challenges they have met as they passed through the in-person setup of the OJT, Sanchez spilled some setbacks,

The challenges that I have met as I went through the in-person setup of the OJT was the lack of basic skills while performing specific tasks in the hangar. I think this is because of the two years of absence in lab activities from the school due to the pandemic. But, I am glad to be undergoing our school laboratory activities again next month.”


One of the challenges during my OJT days where doing online classes while conducting maintenance operations and aircraft handling which limits us from being able to comprehend what were discussed on the lessons. Also, some of the projects and tasks given by our instructors were not able to be done on time due to some busy and tight schedule with our OJT limiting and making us much more tensed and confused what to do first. Although it is hard at the first place, I was still able to keep up with online projects and tasks despite having OJT sessions at the same time”, Madjus added.

The advantages of taking OJT in this kind of setup were also sparked as they were enthusiastic upon hearing the “go” signal of the institution. “The advantages of taking OJT in this kind of setup are that you get to have a first-hand experience on what the real world mechanics do and you also get to gain new knowledge and experiences from the mechanics themselves.” Sanchez said. “One of the advantages of taking OJT in a face-to-face setup is that we are able to experience and learn much more clearly since we are able to interact tools and materials, conduct proper procedures and proper decorum whenever we are around the aircraft and whenever we conduct maintenance operations. Also, having an exposure to an actual OJT gives us the benefit on learning more rather than sticking our butt watching and listening in front our PC while the instructors are discussing which is very irrelevant to our course since we, as a AMT, have to experience hands-on technical training since we are specialized and trained to fix aircraft”, Madjus answered.

Wrapping up the course were lessons and advices that they shared with complete optimism for the upcoming On-the-Job Trainees.

Sanchez, still finishing the said course as of writing highlighted some points that each trainee must always remember, “One advice I can give for the upcoming On-the-Job Trainees is that never be afraid and shy to ask the mechanics questions you want to be clarified. In every day of your OJT, always make sure to gain new learnings that you can use soon when you graduate. By doing so, your knowledge and skill as a future mechanic would be substantial.” Meanwhile, Madjus went for the technicalities of the said training course as this will help one trainee grab the highest quality possible of the said training course, “What I can advise to my fellow AMT students whom are willing to undergo OJT trainings is that this is the best time for them to take up OJT since all of the procedures, operations and techniques in maintenance, aircraft handling and decorum are taught in actual which makes it more understandable rather than taking up OJT through online which is irrelevant to our course as an AMT.”

The said On-the-Job Training is set to end within te 1st semester of the school year 2022-2023, expanded partnerships will then roll-out as restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic eases and demands for trainees of the different aviation industry allies of AISAT Davao rises and opens to its normal level.