You are currently viewing AISAT Pagdayaw 2021: A Sem-Ender Celebration

November 30, 2021

by Jon Lorence Pa


AISAT celebrated its 3rd Pagdayaw last November 25, 2021, a year-end celebration to honor the most participative students across all year levels and departments, and the outstanding faculty evaluation awardees of the 1st semester of the academic year 2021-2022. The program proper held via Google Meet started at 10 AM, and it was hosted by the Head of Student Affairs, Mr. Dwight Dave Quiño. The recording of the program proper was also posted and made available for public viewing through the AISAT Davao Events official Youtube channel. (



The program commenced with a video presentation of AISAT students across all levels and departments giving their thanks to AISAT and its administration, faculty, and staff; emphasizing learning and growing to the better normal. It was followed by opening remarks by the ever-supportive School President, Atty. Myra Ann Wee Toe-Hio, encouraging everyone to get vaccinated in preparation for the upcoming limited face-to-face laboratory classes. After which, a video presentation of last semester’s Pagdayaw faculty awardees, held last May 2021, was flashed on the screen. The awarding proper then started with a speech from the Aviation Management Program Head, Ms. Katherine Kyra Benzonan, MBA, where she also emphasized that everyone should get vaccinated. Also, she sent her congratulations to the AvM students and the rest of the student awardees. The certificates of five 1st-year AvM and three 2nd-year AvM students were then flashed on the screen and were awarded as the most participative students of the AvM department. The most participative students of the AvM department are listed below:


1st-year AvM:

  1. Fristhei Villanueva
  2. Jeremiah Agonia
  3. Jeff Manaois
  4. Gino Albutra
  5. William Gegare

2nd-year AvM:

  1. Jon Lorence Panelo
  2. Mitch Hazel Dandoy
  3. Novelle Grace Maregmen


Moreover, a speech was also delivered by the IDT Program Head, Mrs. Leslei Kaye Lodia-Bernaldez, thanking everyone for their utmost support to the institution and for everyone to choose to be vaccinated and, in turn, help the community. The certificates of eight IDT students across all year levels were then flashed on the screen and were awarded as the most participative students of the IDT department. The most participative students of the IDT department are listed below:


  1. Vhan Ezekiel Diez (1st-year)
  2. Mari Margaux Garcia (1st-year)
  3. Oceane Granada (2nd-year)
  4. Gemjoy Catedrilla (3rd-year)
  5. Vincent Joseph Catedrilla (3rd-year)
  6. Renzy Lleane Orias (3rd-year)
  7. Mary Joy Therese Saludo (3rd-year)
  8. Marriane Jovileen Solante (3rd-year)


After which, a speech was delivered by the Junior College Coordinator, Ms. Aubrey Marie Maceda reminding everyone that all of their efforts are never put in vain and at the same time sent her congratulations to everyone for a job well done. The certificates of three JC 2 students were then flashed on the screen and were awarded as the most participative students of the JC Department. The most participative students of the JC department are listed below:


  1. Lloyd Aldrich Bañas
  2. Niel Timothy Quiñonez
  3. Maria Angelica Maribao

It was then followed by a speech from the Aviation Officer-In-Charge, Mr. Ed Vincent Ybañez emphasizing having God as everyone’s navigation system and the center of one’s life to guide oneself to reach a specific destination. The certificates of twenty 1st-year aviation, twenty-five 2nd-year aviation, fifteen 3rd-year aviation, and eighteen 4th-year aviation students were then flashed on the screen. They were awarded as the most participative students of the Aviation Department, consisting of AMT and AET students. The most participative students of the Aviation department are listed below:


1st-year AMT & AET:

  1. Jeffry Bagundol
  2. Imman Gabriel Balantay
  3. Juliana Maxene Baño
  4. John Rafael Belarmino
  5. Felicity Boncit
  6. Marianne Antoinette Calimpong
  7. Clarence Capilitan
  8. Jade Donaire
  9. John David Gonzaga
  10. Felicity Gulfan
  11. Cristian Angelo Cajes
  12. Peter Kenji Francisco
  13. Daphnie Jane Pague
  14. Kristine Joy Piastro
  15. Jeb Andrei Sequito
  16. Mary Dianne Tahad
  17. Ma. Alean Shin Rentura
  18. Alberto Vidad
  19. Kristie Jane Bandibas
  20. Naiah Yabes



2nd-year Section 2-A:

  1. Eileen Kim Baluso
  2. Arjim Banuelos
  3. Marlan Baoilan
  4. Sanny Bataque
  5. Ryann Belhida
  6. Francis Caser
  7. Ran Catulpos
  8. Alyssa Chiu
  9. Graham Cosain
  10. Louie Deliva


2nd-year Section 2-B:

  1. Kenneth Letrero
  2. Via Lomotos
  3. John Robert Nacua
  4. Adonis Joshua Po
  5. Graciel May Protacio
  6. Kerr Joshua Racoma
  7. Vivencio Sangalla
  8. Valen Viktorio Sealana
  9. Eddie Sebastian Jr.
  10. Joshua Mikael Vargas
  11. Aldric Wee
  12. Kemvee Lacuesta



  1. Jeffren Llanto
  2. Alain Thomas Origenes
  3. Jed Clyde Sescon


3rd-year AMT & AET:

  1. James Leonard Bautista
  2. Dennis Zaldivar
  3. Erika Jane Barbosa
  4. Jake Carlo Areno
  5. Gil Joshua Roa
  6. Khryss Royke Chiva
  7. Dandreb Ivan Bajit
  8. Ashley Anne David
  9. Krizza Lorraine Rivas
  10. Jules Matthieu Bacasmot
  11. Eric Alfonso Quianzon
  12. Narciso Rubio III
  13. Glydel Mae Blanco
  14. Kenjay Senining


4th-year AMT & AET:

  1. Justin Chiang
  2. Gabriel Francis Joshua Escarian
  3. Prince Kyle Norman Rubia
  4. Justin John Dulogin
  5. Vera Suzette Saquian
  6. Austin Paul Pronda
  7. Vincent Ramos
  8. Jyrwin Eballar
  9. Kevin Ayala
  10. Karen Ordonio
  11. Gladys Igaran
  12. Jess Dominic Malabuyoc
  13. George Nicole Medina
  14. Andrew James Pedregosa
  15. Christian Troy Singsing
  16. Benex Bentayao
  17. Vencent Gazmen
  18. Grant Isalm Poncardas


In addition, faculty members were also awarded based on the faculty evaluation done by the students and their respective program heads. The School President, Atty, read the citation on the certificate. It was followed by the presentation of the faculty awardees with their respective pictures, names, and attained evaluation percentage rating. First flashed on screen were all three Basic Education Department faculty members, all of them attaining a 98% evaluation rating. Next, eighteen faculty members from the Aviation and Aviation Management Departments were flashed on-screen with 90% to 96% evaluation ratings. Further, eleven faculty members from the Mixed Faculty Department were also flashed on-screen with 90% to 96% evaluation ratings. Lastly, three Admins with teaching loads were also flashed on the screen, with evaluation ratings from 90% to 96%.


Basic Education Department:

  1. Lorena, Shela Marie (98%)
  2. Felipe, Aimee (98%)
  3. Silagan, Mary Grace (98%)


Aviation and AvM Departments:

  1. Cabante, Harvey Jay (90%)
  2. Capt. Bacus, Dathan (91%)
  3. Buhay, Niel Anthony (91%)
  4. Deaño, Kimberly (91%)
  5. Gato, Rogelyn (91%)
  6. Quiñanola, Joemar (91%)
  7. Engr. Varquez, Joel (91%)
  8. Engr. Café, Apolinar (92%)
  9. Porol, Chandrika (92%)
  10. Yamuta, Adonis Jeff (92%)
  11. Bahena, Jan Kristoffer (93%)
  12. Estribor, Rhoen Roy (93%)
  13. Engr. Magsalin, Kristian (94%)
  14. Malayao, Earl Vincent (94%)
  15. Aranas, Jetric (95%)
  16. Ruelan, Hycznth Garie (95%)
  17. Herno, Ian Christian (96%)


Mixed Faculty:

  1. Bije, Alberto Jr. (90%)
  2. Bernaldez, Leslei Kaye (90%)
  3. Codog, Mares (90%)
  4. Chua, Debilyn Mae (91%)
  5. Serenio, Kelly Ruth (92%)
  6. Polancos, Arbe Jay (93%)
  7. Maceda, Aubrey Marie (94%)
  8. Delfin, Ryan (95%)
  9. Villos, Ashley (95%)
  10. Iñosa, Jose Lorenzo (96%)
  11. Kahulugan, Karina Ingrid Therese (96%)
  12. Mante, Ronnel (96%)



  1. Bascon, Riz Bianca Nicole (90%)
  2. Santander, Maria Cecilia (90%)
  3. Quiño, Dwight Dave (96%)



As the program comes to its end, a closing remark was given by our Head of Academic Affairs, Engr. Aida Rosales, MA-MATH, cited the Parable of the Sower and compared the sower being the teachers, who sowed knowledge to the students, and the seeds being the students. Engr. Rosales also congratulated all the students, teachers, and even administration and staff for their untiring services to the school. As a final reminder, the program host, Sir Quiño, ended the program by encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. The CHED, together with AISAT, would like to know how much of the student population has been vaccinated. To those who have not yet answered, please fill-up the Google Form attached below in order for the school to finish the report and submit it to CHED.