You are currently viewing AISAT Intramurals: Exciting Moments and Victories Ahead

September 30, 2023

by Jeremiah Agonia


As the delight of competition starts to fill the Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology, the different teams buzz with excitement as they gear up for another season of intramurals this upcoming November. The school’s sports enthusiasts are all eager to showcase their adroitness and represent their respective teams. This academic year’s intramurals will highlight four different teams: Red Nighthawks, Blue Warthogs, Orange Apache, and Green Osprey, vying for a coveted spot in each sport. As the big days are coming, with enthusiasm and fervor for friendly competition, the tryouts for various sports have finally begun, with each team aiming to find the right players to bring their flags to the championships.


The intramurals will feature a diverse array of sports encompassing major events, including men’s basketball, volleyball (for both men and women), badminton (for both men and women), darts, bowling, sepak takraw, and table tennis (for both men and women). Additionally, chess will be included in the minor event category. Certainly, this will motivate the respective sports coordinators to seek excellence and diligently prepare their teams for an outstanding performance in the upcoming month.


As expressed by Sanny T. Bataque, Jr., the men’s basketball coordinator for the Red Knighthawks, faces a challenging task in finalizing the team lineup as he thinks that everyone deserves a spot. However, he had to choose only 15 players out of the 48 students who attended the tryouts.

Lisod jud sya kay tanan naay potential and deserving nga masulod sa team.” he mentioned.


Indeed, being a coordinator is not an easy role.


Furthermore, Jobb Simon Longhay, a student from BS Aviation Management, participated in the tryouts with the sole aim of savoring the intramural experience as a third-year student. Fortunately, he secured a spot to play for the men’s basketball team of Green Osprey. He also mentioned that it would be his first time joining an event during the intramurals. Another player who expressed her anticipation for the upcoming games is Carrence Angeli Puello from BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology. According to her, she opted to participate in both volleyball and table tennis to improve her skills and abilities in these sports. Moreover, she noted that the selection process of her team, Green Osprey, was not particularly challenging.

It’s not difficult to get chosen in tryouts because our team has few participants, and there is no need for a formal tryout due to the low number of players.” Carrence said.


Ultimately, the atmosphere of the school is now undeniably charged with excitement as the Intramurals draw near. Each team has its way of preparing for each event, may it be a major or minor one. This vividly illustrates the creativity, hard work, and skillfulness of the students of Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology as they showcase their talents. As the days unfold, the school community eagerly awaits the celebration of friendly rivalries, the display of sportsmanship, and the future triumphs that will surely mark a memorable chapter in this academic year’s intramural.