You are currently viewing AISAT Equips its Student Leaders with the 2023 Student Leadership Training Program

September 16, 2023

by Althea Nicole Leoncito

The Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology (AISAT) was proud to announce the successful completion of the student leadership training on September 16th. This program aimed to equip its Supreme Student Council, club presidents, and representatives for leadership roles in the modern world. AISAT student leaders were united in the Homitori Palay Room with two keynote guest speakers, Sir Robert O. Soriano and Ma’am Judy Ann L. Wee, the Head of Student Affairs Ma’am Camelle Yu, and the former SSC President Mr. Jerecho Ryann Belhida. At 8 AM, registration for the training began, and the main program was initiated at 9 AM, opening with a prayer, followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and the AISAT Hymn.

Former SSC President Mr. Jerecho Ryann Belhida’s welcoming comments were the introduction that set the mood for the day. He added that being the student council president had its challenges, however, his efforts were not all for naught as his hard work paid off. Following the address were the cordial greetings of the current SSC President Mr. Gino Paulo Albutra to two notable individuals who have made significant contributions in various fields. The first speaker, Ma’am Judy Ann L. Wee, a graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Accounting and Organizational Behavior, and a Director of Global Anti-Money Laundering at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, shared her insights on effective leadership. The first workshop for the day commenced as she posed a question to the participants: “Why do we need a leader?” Then, all engaged in a discussion of the significance and relevance of a leader. Also, she stressed that leaders are servants to their people. Then, a 15-minute break ensued.

The second segment of Ma’am Judy’s lecture was about the qualities of a good leader. She explained that “Leaders are behind their people” which connotes that it is critical to be cognizant of your companions to lead effectively. Subsequently, the workshop titled “Two Truths and One Lie” allowed students to become acquainted with each other and a lunch break soon followed.

After the lunch break, the Head of Student Affairs, Ma’am Camelle Yu, began the afternoon with an icebreaker that energized the crowd towards the conclusion of the training. She then handed the microphone to Sir Robert O. Soriano, a Psychology graduate from the class of 1999, Director at the AMS Group of Companies, and Editor-in-Chief of Uno Magazine from 2001 to 2002. He offered his thoughts on SMART goals and effective communication. Later, the third workshop “Back-to-Back Activity” started where participants sat back-to-back and attempted to draw a specific image based on verbal instructions from their partner.

Conflict Resolution was the focus of the last part of the discussion, with Sir Robert providing practical corporate conflict resolution examples. Both he and Ma’am Judy pointed out the importance of objectivity and cautioned against excessive personalization. Afterward, the workshop was called “What would you do?” where the participants applied the training in resolving example corporate scenarios.

The program wrapped up as participants shared their reflections on the day’s activities. They answered self-assessments to define their present leadership competencies. Following this, a certificate of appreciation was presented to Sir Robert O. Soriano and Ma’am Judy Ann L. Wee, while certificates of participation were distributed to all attendees. To conclude the student leadership training, a photo session was organized with the guest speakers, the Head of Student Affairs, and the former SSC president.