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May 31, 2021

by Jon Lorence Panelo

As the school year is about to end, AISAT’s both newly established and renewed clubs and organizations successfully conducted online club activities throughout the semester. All of the five clubs and three organizations present during the club day held last February 26, 2021, were able to conduct virtual activities accessible from the comforts of the participants’ homes. Some clubs and organizations also presented their plans for the coming school year 2021-2022. The first club, AISAT Red Cross Youth, was able to conduct its first webinar on the new normal setting last March 26, 2021, and is now on its way to being accredited as a member of the College Red Cross Youth Council under the Red Cross Davao Chapter. The series of training required by the Red Cross Davao Chapter for the accreditation of AISAT’s Red Cross Youth will commence during June. The AISAT Red Cross Youth club also plans to conduct a donation drive for July and August, and a webinar on basic first aid and managing air medical emergencies in September.

Moreover, the Flight Simulators club was also able to conduct virtual club activities from March to May. Additionally, Eureka, the newly merged club of the ARTECH, Glitch Photography, and Cinephiles, successfully conducted its art prompt club activity wherein every week, a random word was given to the participants, and it is up to the participants to draw anything related to the given word. The activity also announced its winners afterward through a poster and was awarded GCash and certificates. The fourth club, AISAT Research – The Mindseekers, conducted two webinars during the semester. The first webinar was on revisiting research fundamentals during a pandemic and the elements that shape the new research approaches in the aviation industry. The second webinar was just recently conducted last April 29, 2021, and it invited two speakers, namely: Jon Lorence Panelo, AISAT’s Research Office Student Assistant and a Part-time Industry Research Assistant, and Dr. Chito Napitan, Research and Data Coordinator of Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School to give a talk on the benefits of research. The club also plans to conduct a research forum highlighting the industry analyses of the Aviation Management students in their Economics class in September and October.

Another club that successfully conducted activities towards the end of the semester was the AISAT NSRC which collaborated with the NSTP classes of AISAT’s first-year college students. Altogether, they were able to conduct nine activities, namely: a donation drive for the frontliners, a virtual music fest for a cause, a career guidance webinar, two mobile game tournaments for a cause, a webinar on the violence against women and children, adopt a riverbank webinar, a leadership webinar, and a donation drive for AISAT’s adopted school communities. The students who facilitated the said activities would also be posting their respective write-ups soon. Moving on, the school organizations were also actively conducting activities throughout the semester. The Altitude, AISAT’s official school publication, consistently published 11 articles, including news, feature, and sports, every month. The organization also plans to conduct a webinar as a refresher on article writing during the summer.

Furthermore, Horizon, AISAT’s official yearbook, conducted activities for the graduating students. This included assisting in the yearbook photos and creating the yearbook for the school year 2020-2021. Lastly, AISAT RevUp Campus Ministry, a school organization that does not require membership, completed its parables of the Bible series throughout the semester. AISAT RevUp was also able to conduct its sem-ender activity filled with games and surprises last April 28, 2021. The AISAT RevUp Campus Ministry will continue to conduct its weekly activities in the upcoming school year 2021-2022. All of the future activities of AISAT’s clubs and organizations will be posted on the AISAT Council of Clubs, and Organizations Facebook Page, wherein under the groups’ tab are the clubs and organizations’ respective pages, including the AISAT YMCA Club and the AISAT Marshalls. See you next academic year, fellow AISAT aviators!