You are currently viewing AISAT Celebrates Pagdayaw 2022: A Sem-Ender Virtual Awarding Ceremony

April 30, 2022

by Jon Lorence Panelo

AISAT successfully concluded the academic year 2021-2022 by recognizing the most participative students and most outstanding faculty during its fourth Pagdayaw. The Office of Student Affairs together with the Student Assistants hosted the program held last April 28, 2022, via Google Meet. A recording of the sem-ender celebration will soon be posted through the AISAT Davao Events official Youtube channel


After the program preliminaries, an opening remark was given by the School President, Atty. Myra Ann Wee-Toe Hio. Atty. Wee-Toe Hio emphasized the value of involvement and the recognition of efforts amidst the online setting. It was followed by a video presentation of the outstanding faculty nominees during the second semester of the school year 2020-2021. The awarding proper started with a message from the AvM Program Coordinator, Mrs. Karina Ingrid Therese Kahulugan who congratulated the AvM student awardees. She also stated that the awards that the AvM students received are just the beginning of the many more successes to come. To award the most participative students of the AvM Department, Mrs. Kahulugan was once again called to read the certificates of the eight 1st-year AvM and five 2nd-year AvM student awardees. The most participative students of the AvM Department are as follows:

1st-year AvM:

  1. Gino Paulo Albutra 5. Krystin Dungca
  2. William Gegare 6. Francis Jude Baiño
  3. Jan Zhane Desiree Galvez 7. Fynnes Chloe Tatel
  4. Jeff Manaois 8. Fritshei Villanueva

2nd-year AvM:

  1. Jon Lorence Panelo             4. Christian Rosario
  2. Mitch Hazel Dandoy             5. Gabriel Odyssey Grana
  3. Jeremiah Agonia

Furthermore, an inspirational message was also given by the IDT Program Head, Mrs. Leslei Kaye Lodia-Bernaldez who congratulated not just the IDT students, but all student awardees and even her co-teachers in the IDT Department. To award the most participative students of the IDT Department, Mrs. Bernaldez was once again called to read the certificates of the three 1st-year, two 2nd-year, and six 3rd-year IDT student awardees. The following are the most participative students of the IDT Department:


1st-year IDT:

  1. Vhan Ezekiel Diez
  2. Sydney Scully Autida
  3. Hans Fredrick Mascardo

2nd-year IDT:

  1. Oceane Granada 2. Vincent Joseph Catedrilla

3rd-year IDT:

  1. Eduardo Millondaga Jr. 4. Mary Joy Therese Saludo
  2. Renzy Lleanne Orias 5. Roquen Kirk Coscos
  3. Marriane Jovileen Solante 6. Gemjoy Catedrilla


After which, a video message was given by the Aviation Officer-In-Charge, Mr. Ed Vincent Ybañez who congratulated all student and faculty awardees, and stated that we must settle to God the things we cannot control for our God is never wrong and he is sovereign. To award the most participative students of the Aviation Department, Mr. Harvey Jay Cabante, Aviation Instructor was called on behalf of Mr. Ybañez to read the certificates of the twenty-two 1st-year, twenty-two 2nd-year, twelve 3rd-year, and fourteen 4th-year AMT and AET student awardees. The most participative students of the Aviation Department are listed below:


1st-year AMT & AET:

  1. Felicity Gulfan 12. Kristine Joy Piastro
  2. Alberto Vidad 13. Mohammad Paglas
  3. Danica Claire Liston 14. Paul Oliver Chan
  4. Bria Isabel Bigcas 15. Evan Japhet Tanio
  5. Haren Pula 16. Louie John Simpal
  6. Felicity Boncit 17. Normalito Belandres
  7. Mary Dianne Tahad 18. Wilkinson Floyd Aranco
  8. Frndzy Jyl Divinagracia 19. Carl Aleluia
  9. Christopher Albert Agrabio 20. Reena Shena Cultura
  10. Jade Donaire 21. Sebastian Iman
  11. Vince Gabriel Gutierrez 22. Ma. Alean Shin Rentura

2nd-year AMT & AET:

  1. Jazel Ann Al-ag 12. Kurt Gabriel Cabinian
  2. Jerecho Ryann Belhida 13. Aries Berongoy
  3. Adonis Joshua Po 14. Cyrus Tongo
  4. Kerr Joshua Racoma 15. Valen Selana
  5. Aldric Joshua Wee 16. Ronelle Cruz
  6. Eileen Kim Baluso 17. Marlan Baoilan
  7. Paul Edward Abajo 18. Prince Jul Mangmang
  8. Althea Pauline Bueno 19. Leonard Guadalquiver
  9. Vivencio Sangalla III 20. Tom Oliver Delos Reyes
  10. Kenneth John Letrero 21. Jed Clyde Sescon
  11. Edzel Ann Poliño 22. Brylle Ian Apelo

3rd-year AMT & AET:

  1. Narciso Rubio III                     7. Erika Jane Barbosa
  2. Bryan Bulak 8. Gil Joshua Roa
  3. Ashley Anne David 9. Karl Joseph Unabia
  4. James Leonard Bautista 10. Faisal Abangon
  5. Krizza Lorraine Rivas 11. Eric Alfonso Quianzon
  6. Glydel Mae Blanco 12. Diomari Bagnol

4th-year AMT & AET:

  1. Kevin Ayala 8. Cristine Uy
  2. Moon Jeung Baek 9. Karen Ordonio
  3. Althea Cristi Baquial 10. Vera Suzette Saquian
  4. Justin Chiang 11. Vencent Gazmen
  5. Gabriel Francis Joshua Escarian 12. George Somosot
  6. George Nicole Medina 13. Prince Kyle Norman Rubia
  7. Joshua Jared Mendez 14. Jhel Rohi Cajegas

It was then followed by a message from the Junior College Coordinator, Ms. Aubrey Marie Maceda who congratulated the graduating batch of junior college students and thanked the junior college faculty for their efforts throughout the academic year. To award the most participative students of the JC Department, Ms. Maceda was once again called to read the certificates of the three JC student awardees. The most participative students of the JC Department are as follows:

  1. Lloyd Aldrich Bañas
  2. Mary Aphrodite Rañon
  3.  Hans Orogo

Moving forward, several instructors were also awarded as the most outstanding faculty based on the faculty evaluation done by the students and their respective program heads. The Head of Academic Affairs, Engr. Aida Rosales, and the School President, Atty. Myra Ann Wee-Toe Hio read the respective names, departments, and percentages of the faculty awardees. The following are the most outstanding faculty of the second semester of the academic year 2021-2022:

  1. Chyrra Ruthe Atis, AvM Department – 90%
  2. Rudy Lange Jr., AvM Department – 90%
  3. Capt. Lorenzo Venice Dequit, Aviation Department – 91%
  4. Rogelyn Gato, Aviation Department – 91%
  5. Mares Codog, Gen Ed Department – 91%
  6. Harvey Jay Cabante, Aviation Department – 91%
  7. Sheila Mae Aparece, Gen Ed Department – 91%
  8. Capt. Dathan Bacus, AvM Department – 91%
  9. Atty. Wildy Pahayahay, AvM Department – 91%
  10. Chandrika Porol, Aviation Department – 92%
  11. Leslei Kaye Bernaldez, IDT Department – 92%
  12. Earl Vincent Malayao, Aviation Department – 93%
  13. Ryan Delfin, IDT Department – 93%
  14. Angeli Sumaoy-Tamisin, AvM Department – 93%
  15. Annah Thalia Cabante-Viernes, IDT Department – 93%
  16. Christine Legaspi-Alger, AvM Department – 93%
  17. Albert Bije Jr., IDT Department – 93%
  18. Arbe Jay Polancos, Gen Ed Department – 94%
  19. Jose Lorenzo Iñosa, Gen Ed Department – 94%
  20. Ronnel Mante, Gen Ed Department – 95%
  21. Ed Vincent Ybañez, Aviation Department – 95%
  22. Aubrey Marie Maceda, Gen Ed Department – 96%
  23. Rhoen Roy Estribor, Aviation Department – 97%
  24. Katherine Joy Tuling-Benedicto, AvM Department – 97%
  25. Debilyn Chua, Gen Ed Department – 98%
  26. Hyzcnth Garie Ruelan, Aviation Department – 100%
  27. Joemar Quiñanola, Aviation Department – 100%

Towards the end of the program, an announcement regarding the ongoing SSC donation drive was made by the host. The host mentioned that the AISAT SSC is currently conducting a donation drive entitled: Haplos ng Pag-asa para kay Lolo at Lola, an outreach program for the elderly of Davao Veil Geriatric Home Care in Mandug, Davao City. He added that monetary donations can be sent to the SSC President, Mr. James Leonard Bautista via GCash (0956 977 3736) or to the Head of Student Affairs, Mr. Dwight Dave Quiño via UnionBank (1098 1744 7179). Also, for in-kind donations, the drop-off point is at the AISAT building, Sta. Ana Ave. corner Leon Garcia St., Davao City. The host also thanked the virtual audience for their support and presence on behalf of the Office of Student Affairs.

After which, a closing remark was given by the Head of Academic Affairs, Engr. Aida Rosales congratulated all awardees and wished to see everyone face-to-face during the next academic year. To close, the host also invited everyone to the AISAT Campus Ministry sem-ender program together with AISAT’s RevUp campus ministry and the Parables class of the graduating students. The celebration ended with the hope that all succeeding school activities in the coming school years would be conducted in a face-to-face setting.