You are currently viewing The Blood Of Filipino Reigns Amidst This Pandemic: Nurturing Filipino Values And Culture For Prosperity

September 18, 2020

by: Luche Pilongo

In this daunting time, we face struggles and challenges. However, this school year 2020-2021, Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology  (AISAT) welcomes their students with a new beginning through a small celebration of Buwan ng Wika with a theme of “Wika ng Kasaysayan, Kasaysayan ng Wika: Ang Mga Katutubong Wika sa Maka-Filipinong Bayanihan Kontra Pandemya”. Because of this pandemic, we had a limitation in doing such activities and programs but with the help of our Filipino teacher, Mrs.  Sheila Mae D. Aparece, we had a small, simple celebration together with the students of JC1- Cessna who posted their work in preserving and nurturing our language through Facebook with a hashtag:#AISATBUWANNGWIKA. In a simple and limited way because of this pandemic, we were able to showcase our patriotism in our country, even in any form of being a Filipino reign in our blood.

Together with our celebration,  Davao City also celebrates the “Kadayawan sa Dabaw” through online to celebrate the bountiful harvest and the cultural diversity of the indigenous people (IPs), who are being confronted with various challenges to their rights, such as but not limited to their ancestral domain and access to education and other opportunities as what Mayor Sara Duterte said.They had “Pag-abli sa Kadayawan” (opening ceremonies of Kadayawan 2020) via Zoom / Facebook live, and the launching of “Hulagway Kadayawan” (photography contest), “Kadayawan Museonline,” “Kadayawan Music Video competition,” and “Challenge Accepted Kadayawan”; “Kadayawan in Retrospect Part 1,”; “Best of Sayaw Kadayawan” (a cultural dance theatre competition), “Kadayawan in Retrospect Part 2” and “Best of Habi Kadayawan held through online. There is also an awarding for online events to help the Davaoenos cope up and still enjoy the Kadayawan through their homes such as “Tiktok Indak-Indak Kadayawan,” “Kadayawan Music Video,”, “Most Memorable Kadayawan Experience,”, “Pahalipay sa Kadayawan Online: Paglaum Concert” (Concert of Hope) and Pasasalamat: Honoring the Frontliners (thanksgiving)  and many more activities that the Davaoenos would love to. Some people are willing to participate and presented their talents and passion to make the Kadayawan 2020 more fun and exciting for everyone.


We all celebrated Kadayawan with our city’s 11 tribes which are composed of six Moro tribes (Tausug, Maguindanaon, Iranun, Kagan, Maranao, and Sama) and five Lumad tribes (Klata, Ata, Ubo Manuvo, Matigsalog, and Tagabawa). We’ve seen their different cultures and way of living through exhibits in our Magsaysay park and because of this pandemic, we can only visit their exhibits and can’t do interviews or small talk with them. They are also greatly affected by this pandemic because through Kadayawan they made incomes also by selling clothes or handmade crafts to visitors, but now they are planting crops to sell for a low price to have income and survive through this pandemic. Learning their cultures is a way of preserving our identities such as the Filipino values and traits that we have and the language or dialects we spoke about. Language is a system that consists of sound, signs, and rules that are being used in a particular place in a specific group of people. On the other hand, Dialect the various usage of language is what dialect is. Our languages are not just a dialect, but a reflection of who we are therefore we must strive hard to preserve and use our languages because when we forget what our languages are, we can’t revive it and for us to be proficient in our national and native languages. Those 100 pulse languages we have such as Bicolano, Kapampangan, Ilonggo, etc., are not just a mere dialect, but a language that molded them to their own beliefs, rights, and perceptions and that is why we have diverse indigenous identities that show the true beauty of our country.

Change is inevitable, we tend to forget how significant our languages are that when we lose it in our culture would also be lost as the world changes we view things differently and be influenced by others but we must turn back to what molded us which is our culture. Culture is what defines all of us and it is apparent even in the previous years because it is our traditions, beliefs, religions, and values that bind a society together. Culture is diversified by society and society reacts to that cultural changes. Society is predetermined to the culture that is why we based upon our ancestors, their superstitions, traditions, and beliefs are what made us a community. Culture is learned, transmitted, and reshaped from time to time and generations to generations and it is a way of living. We may have different cultures and varying beliefs and traits, but it leads us to accept differences and unite as one. Culture is what I’ve said is being passed from generations, but in this era, there are various cultures, beliefs, and traditions we have and because of that differences we can be who we wanted to be and we can share our differences. Those past cultures, we have been what made us who we are today and without it, we may have never known who we are, what we believe in, and what would we become therefore the culture that we have must be cherished and valued for us to also pass it to our next generations. Without past experiences, beliefs and traditions are what culture made us today and it is our responsibility to improve it and share with others. It is an eye-opener for us to reflect and to give importance to the bright culture we have because it is a treasure that we can’t afford to lose.