by Justin John Dulogin

On October 5, 2017, AISAT Aviators marked prominence once again as students from Senior High School Department won a place in Davao Light’s Video Making Contest with its theme, “Dare to be Aware”. Among thirty entries from different schools and colleges, five senior high school students namely; Justin John Dulogin, Chris Haven Peji, Augustine Jodi Vicada, Alain Sira, and Michael Carl Portillo, won 5th place as they created Lakom Likha – the initial production entry for their video titled, “Cada’s Tips”.

The contest took the interest of all aspiring and professional filmmakers from different schools in the region. Prizes at stake were as follows:  Best Movie Poster, Best Actress and Actor, and 7 winners worth 5,000 pesos. Moreover, an amount of 15,000 pesos for the 3rd placer,   25,000 pesos for the 2nd placer and a grand total prize of 45,000 pesos for the 1st placer.

“It was a pleasant and unforgettable experience because it was our first time to join and won in a video-making contest. Although we came from different areas of specialization, all of us in Lakom Likha had the same passion— to create a spectacular and unique video and film. I believe that there are more opportunities that we can join in the future and we could continually represent our school (AISAT),” Chris Haven Peji answered when asked about his experiences as he did the film together with his teammates.

Lakom Likha was chosen among others because of its short and creative video entry on energy conservation as well as the unique conceptualization of the production’s chosen name — lakom which means “to collect or to gather” and likha which means “to create”.

Exploring the art of filmmaking is a limitless pursuit that can always be achieved for those who unceasingly desire to be sublime. From small victories, literature such as this is always worth chasing after.

There is truly a good future for the aspiring AISAT filmmakers as they keep on learning and improving their skills within them and showing this dexterity outside the four corners of the classroom always gives honor to the school.

You deserve such recognition. Congratulations Lakom Likha!