by Moammar T. Nawang

September is a green month!

We are one with nature as Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology (AISAT) celebrated the 20017 Natural Science Club Month (NSCM) with its theme, “EarthBeat: Excavating the Abyss, Pulsing the Current, Steering the Youth as Stewards of Sustainable Development”. As NSCM focused on the fields of mineralogy, hydrology, and renewable energy, together with the Junior College Department and spearheaded by Sir Jezer Ashvi Salibat, the following events were officially affiliated under the International Science Club Month 2017 as they were held in the campus: Battle of the Strongest Link, Film Viewing, Eco-Forum, Collage Making, and Modern Dance Interpretation.

The events were participated by various groups between and among Junior College sections. Students were greatly challenged as they battled in every contest. Their intellectual abilities on natural sciences, knowledge of waste disposal management and all-embracing creativity were put to test through this month-long celebration that was purely dedicated to new and fun learning.

Furthermore, the activities reminded a significant goal among its participants— to inculcate to the Generation Z the importance of their involvement in nature’s sustainable development and to realize that their own action towards their environment now is always anchored to the future generation’s survival.

Indeed, this is one of the good opportunities for students to learn the realities of their environment and take their actions as a response on their life-long learning. Yes, always press on to sustainable environmental solutions AISAT Junior College Aviators!