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On April 16, 2021, Asian International School Aeronautics and Technology (AISAT) in partnership with Interfacing Development Interventions for Sustainability (IDIS) conducted a webinar on Adopt-A-Riverbank Program via Google Meet, and Facebook Live on AISAT NSTP-CWTS Facebook page. The event was attended by various participants from different schools and organizations such as Ateneo de Davao University, University of Rizal System, etc. The guest speakers of the event were IDIS Executive Director Atty. Mark T. Peñalver and Bantay Bukid Coordinator Mr. Peter Magandam. The topics discussed in the webinar were the advocacy of IDIS for clean water and healthy watersheds, Adopt a Riverbank Program, and the best practices of Bantay Bukid volunteers in protecting Panigan-Tamugan Watershed in Davao City amidst COVID-19 pandemic. The guest speakers explained the importance of the watersheds here in Davao City and recognized the efforts of the people who protect it such as the Bantay Bukid volunteers. As part of the program, a donation drive was also organized in order to support the Bantay Bukid volunteers in their goal to restore and rehabilitate the forest in Panigan-Tamugan watershed. The donation drive started last February 21, 2021 via Facebook post on AISAT NSTP-CWTS Facebook Page; for every donation amounting to 12 Pesos, one native seedling (mixed endemic, lawaan, malibago, or bakan) can be bought from the BantayBukid nurseries for the reforestation of the riverbank in Panigan-Tamugan watershed. On the day of the webinar, the host announced the total funds collected wherein the group was able to raise a total of 20,509 Pesos. The money was transferred to IDIS INC and will be used to buy native seedlings from the BantayBukid nurseries for the reforestation of the riverbank in Panigan-Tamugan watershed. AISAT NSTP-CWTS Live Webinar: Adopt-A-Riverbank was featured on IDIS Facebook Page last April 16, 2021 with the main caption, “Quick run-through of IDIS engagements today! .” The Adopt-A-Riverbank webinar is posted on AISAT NSTP-CWTS Facebook Page so that those who were not able to join can still watch the webinar. The Bantay Bukid plans to schedule the tree planting activity this year and they aim to plant around 1500 trees in the area.