By:Mares Codog

In every national program that is created is the equal responsibility it bears. Taking such responsibility also means having results of a servant’s heart, disciplined individuals, and progressive society.

National Service Training Program (NSTP) was mandated as a requisite in all tertiary institutions in the Philippines. Under RA 9163, also known as NSTP Law, this program offers three different components– Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), Civil Welfare Training Service (CWTS), and Literacy Training Service (LTS). Moreover, the main focus of NSTP is to train young Filipinos in nation-building and develop nationalism by partaking in various activities within the campus, in the community, and in the society as a whole. 

Since 2012, the Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology (AISAT) has been offering two NSTP components – the Civil Welfare Training Service (CWTS) and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) under Philippine Airforce (PAF). These constituents have been the avenue to continuously achieve the goal of providing trainings to develop environmental awareness and social awareness and acquire necessary skills on disaster risk management, military training, and first aid. On top of passing the course, the culmination of these trainings evolves students into individuals who are qualified reservists.

For the academic year 2018-2019, apart from the required 20-hour community service or project-based rendered service in partnership with the AISAT’s adopted barangay, some of the activities conducted by NSTP-CWTS were seminars titled “ Dangerous Drugs” “Hook Ups Among Millenials” and “Generation Z ” and trainings such as Disaster Risk Management and First Aid Training. Moreover, for NSTP-ROTC, officers were trained as well to be qualified cadets who are expected to follow the steps of graduating officers this year.

These hodgepodge of events were, are, and will always be possible because of the dedication of people behind them. 

“I’ve been the NSTP Coordinator of the college since 2016 and I can say that it was not an easy journey because along witht he position is a challenging yet satisfying work– creating and organizing activities fit for the future reservists, dealing with different institutions and barangay, and budgeting the NSTP fund– .these are the few of the many tasks that I have always been doing,” Sir Jose Lorenzo Inosa, the NSTP Coordinator, said.

“Serving this office for almost 3 years now, I can say that I am still learning a lot and is always doing my very best to serve the students. Above all these, it’s a very fulfilling job too since this is not just an assignment but a commitment to our country to bring the best of the reservists ready to serve the country in the future and to serve people in order to create a community of responsible and nationalistic citizens,” Sir Jose added. 

NSTP and its people indeed embody the blood of true servants who have the will to become the change that this country needs!