By: Kimberly Deaño, Sachi Nudas and Samantha Inoc

The Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology (AISAT) challenges tougher skies as it embarks a year full of new visages, bigger spaces, additional electives and so much more!

First stop — new facilities. With the increasing population, AISAT offers its aviators new assemblages with its respective equipment that highlight accessibility and give high premium to effective transfer of knowledge. These, among others, are just some of the major improvements as the school expands year after year:

  Facilities Matrix of Improved and Newly-built Facilities

as of A.Y. 2018-2019

Computer System Servicing Computer System Servicing (Renovated for expansion)
Classrooms (23) Classrooms (Added 7)
Pilot Room (3rd Floor) Simulator/Pilot Room (Relocated at Mezzanine Floor)
Human Resource Office Registrar’s Office (Relocated at Mezzanine Floor)
General Services Office General Services Office (Relocated for expansion)
Reproduction Room Reproduction Room (Relocated for expansion)
General Services Office General Services Office (Relocated)
TESDA Focal Office 
Supreme Student Council (SSC) Office
Information Technology (IT) Store
Research/Community Service Extension Office

* Data obtained from the Office of the Property Custodian

Of course, these newbies are add-ons to the existing state-of- the- art- facilities of the college which include: Animation Laboratory, Landing Gear Laboratory, Sheet Metal Laboratory, Tool Crib, Welding Laboratory, Alpha Robin Laboratory, Powerplant 2 Laboratory, Server (System) Room, Safety Committee Office, Computer Laboratory, Game Room, Avionics Laboratory (2nd Floor Left Wing), Avionics Laboratory (Ground Floor), Rooms 310-314 (Convertible to Function Hall with sitting capacity of 250 Students), 3rd Floor Left Wing – Play Area, Junior College Faculty (Cubicles), College Aviation Faculty (Cubicles), College Teacher’s Lounge& Pantry, Human Resource Office, Guidance Counselor Office, Accounting Office, Cashier’s Office, Registrar’s Office (Ground Floor), Property Custodian’s Office, Office of the Student Affairs (OSA), ROTC Office, Altitude Office (Student/News Publication), Horizon Office (Year Book Publication), Prayer Room, NSTP Office, Clinic and Canteen. 

Next– new electives! For academic year 2018-2019, AISAT offered new subjects as electives for junior college students. These electives from the Junior College Department cover four different kinds of field, namely; Cookery, Food and Beverage Services, Computer System Servicing and Video Graphic Design. These are specifically designed for the competency development of students to achieve the NCII qualifications certificate assessed and given by TESDA. Truly, excellence knows no limit!

Moreover, AISAT has always opened its doors for new staff and faculty members especially when the need arises. With their warm welcome, students and the AISAT community were delighted to  have  new members of the AISAT family — Sir Arvin Jay Ang, a trainer and animation instructor; Ma’am Mary Ann Rose Bartolo and Ma’am Rachelle Bersamin, as new guidance counselors; Ma’am Aida Lou Cahayag, IT program head; Capt. Harvey James Chua, our pilot in AFES; Sir Ronis Winmar Concepcion, IT instructor; Ma’am Catherine Go-Te, the school dentist; Ma’am Mae Anne Jimenez, one of the new Admin. Staff for AFES and; Ma’am Joyce Lumabag, the new chem and physics instructor. 

Other than faculty and staff increment, for an institution that continually seeks improvement to cater the demands of its stakeholders, school-based organizations are ways to understand and analyze the ever-growing problems of the students. Thus, the Supreme Student Council (SSC) was born. With a fresh collaboration of appointed leaders from Grades 11 and12 students, the school launched this association of students to create one voice— yes— a great platform for the AISAT administration to determine specific needs that need to be addressed for students to work efficiently. Along with this, the College Department had its own SSC which started in 2016. It provides student services for higher education where they can develop their skills towards leadership. The organization offers help to youngsters as they enter the world of student affairs. Correspondingly, both organizations had experienced their share of struggles as they faced the birthing pains of a newly-created group, but they unceasingly worked hand in hand in school events to grow and foster holistic student development for the future aviators as they journey towards their dreams.

“Leading students my age is a real pain. We have exhausted all ideas we could come up with to level up student involvement. On some points, these ideas became successful events but of course, some were not. I guess that’s where we always start. Being a member of SSC doesn’t mean you need to be superior and successful in all things. All you need to have is the heart and determination of a student leader then the rest of the necessary act will follow,” said Mr. Jan Rendel Bajador, the SSC Chairperson in the College Department. 

Yes, the embodiment of success is indeed showed not just on its upswing but on the resilience developed amidst new endeavors.  

Similarly, in AISAT, where advancement is a norm, it continually faces hurdles of a tougher sky, but it will not stop—no— for this is where it always begins.