by Moammar T. Nawang


When we turn on our television, we often hear news about accidents on the streets like vehicles crashing and people being hit by cars. One of the leading reasons why these disasters happen is that people do not cross using pedestrian lanes and overpasses. As we commonly know, jaywalking happens when a person walks on or crosses a street without these lanes. Davao City has been implementing Anti-Jaywalking under Ordinance 778 also known as the Comprehensive Transport and Traffic Code of Davao City. Pedestrians caught committing the act will be issued a ticket and will pay a fine of 200 pesos; otherwise, they will be arrested. Moreover, Anti-Jaywalking Law violators also have an option to render a four-hour community service every last Friday of the month. The ordinance is introduced to the city to limit road accidents.

According to  an interview from DavaoToday, “as the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) strengthens its implementation of the anti-jaywalking ordinance in the city, students are reminded that they are not exempted from the law,” a CTTMO official said. CTTMO Executive Service Officer Charlotte Parba told reporters on Thursday, June 8, that students will be apprehended since the law is also made for their safety. “We will apprehend students, they are not exempted. We believe that it is better to target them because the younger generation is better to mold into law abiding (citizen) following traffic rules and regulations,” Officer Parba said. Parba also explained that the term jaywalker is “tantamount to being an idiot or moron” adding that they don’t want students to be one. “After all, the implementation of jaywalking is for their safety,” she concluded.

A student of Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology named Justin John Dulogin has experienced being caught by CTTMO officers,        “A walk of shame happened when I was caught jaywalking in one of sthre streets near Aldevinco. I crossed because the road was just near, inattentive that there was a pedestrian lane. CTTMO officers kept on looking at me without any warning.  He let me cross and called my attention after committing the crime. It was a pure humiliation. The officer did warn the girl before she was caught and it wa unfair on my part. Anyhow, I went to Sandawa Police Station and went through the seminar to let the people know about this ordinance. The purpose of such was to remind us that following city ordinances could always lessen the accidents that happen on roads. It was a lesson I must be always mindful of,” Justin confessed.

Every ordinance is created with the intention to preserve orderliness. May this be the guiding principle for both the policymakers and to all citizens who long to maintain a livable place like our very own abode, our Davao City.