By: Queeny Mastura

On  September 27, 2018 AISAT sealed the month with a blast as Senior High School Students under the Junior College Department celebrated Acquaintance Party, friendships, great thrills, and fun fun fun!

The colorful event was held at Mais Hall Homitori with a shower of kaleidoscopic Bohemian theme in every corner of the venue center  as students themselves along with their gorgeous teachers impressed each other with their own unique Bohemian-glam looks.

Unlimited food, bottomless refreshments, instagrammable photos, ‘buwis buhay” presentations, fun-filled activities,  ecstatic dances– name them all– the night was too young as students enjoyed every bit of the party as they gained new friends and practiced camaraderie and socialization along the way.

Of course, the very heartbeat of the party  was to enrich students experiences of healthy friendships between and among each other as they shared their smiles and jokes together and  made good memories that were kept forever.
As Bohemians say, “Krupobitnost přátelství!(Hail friendships!)”