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September 18, 2020

by: Justin John Dulogin

Over the years, the method of learning always happens at school. However, the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic made all institutions and schools to utilize online schooling. This is believed to be the only solution because education in our country cannot be overemphasized. Education is essential- it will never stop.

This epidemic has impacted educational organizations worldwide, leading to the general closures of schools and universities. According to information issued by UNESCO on March 10, 2020, education and establishment closures due to COVID-19 have led one of five students out of education globally. This epidemic has also affected faith in several ways, including the cancellation of public worship of different religions, Sunday Schools, and of masses surrounding observances and festivals. Coronavirus has affected schools, restaurants, museums, and all sorts of businesses. Individually, the routines that we used to follow have now changed indefinitely.

As a student, learning is much more complicated online. It is truly unusual for me as an interpersonal learner to study the whole half of the 2nd semester. This outbreak hinders me from the opportunity of learning the course I’m taking completely. Why? Because it’s not easy learning technical-related subjects because reading it in PDF files and PowerPoint presentations without simpler explanations and actual demonstrations can be really confusing and quite difficult to understand. This also prevents me from being with my friends and loved ones. Every student learns differently and unfortunately, I’m one of those who can’t sufficiently absorb information just through document files. Evidently, not everyone is fitted for online classes. Some students risk getting caught in curfew for the sake of having a decent signal. They even travel as far as another barangay just to comply and pass. All this while struggling mentally and financially. The main question overall to this backup resolution is “Are we truly learning?”  Somehow, we must accept that we cannot do anything but accept that online learning will not be the same as real school, but we have to exert efforts to keep going.

As we are about to embrace the ‘new normal’ here are some ways that can help you adjust in the new online learning:


  • Avoid Distractions

Understandably, we are always tempted to use social media and entertainment platforms like TikTok however, it is much better to log out first of your apps and cancel any disturbance and manage your connectivity by using the device and app that is intended for schooling, to help lessen the barrier of connectivity.


  • Time Management and Flexibility

Figure out how you could learn the best. Advanced studying is also a technique in coping up first with the discussion. Don’t worry the teacher will still go in-depth for us to understand the lessons. Optimize efficiently your time for your deadlines. Try stopping any diversions and close web tabs that are not relevant to your learning


  • Participate Actively

Listen and observe well the discussions. You can use earphones for the better hearing of words and communicate well respectfully with the teacher. Don’t be afraid to voice out questions and reach out.

  • Ask for Help

There are times that we cannot fully comprehend the lessons, never be ashamed to ask for help. We are here to learn and help each other.

  • Maintain a healthy habit

Try being physically fit as much as possible. Getting enough sleep, good hydration, sleep, and wake up early and balanced diet keeps your mind and body healthy so that you can participate actively in class.


  • Organize Your Stuff

Set your schedules ahead of time. Write down reminders and inspirational quotes somewhere it can easily be seen. It is also advisable to create a study space far from your bed to avoid procrastination or falling asleep. This will also keep you focused.


  • Have Your Own Reviewer

Summarize the lesson in your pacing and magnify important terms. Do not just depend on screenshots so that lessons can be retained.


  • Take a Break

Online classes are really exhausting so remember to have some fun and refresh your mind because it is okay to take a rest, eat your favorite food, or listen to music.

In the time of crisis, all we have is our faith because the virus will always be omnipresent as long as the possibility of having it transmitted from one person to another is there and as long as there is no cure or vaccine. I strongly suggest enduring being at home because it is only the safest way to prevent the spread of the virus and to prevent you and your family to be harmed. To win this battle is to help each one, hand in hand together, always.